Scott Dip Dyed Dark Brown Leather Hand Woven Slip Ons

* Dark Brown Hand Woven Slip Ons
* Kidskin Lining
* Padded Leather Insole
* Oiled Leather Sole
* Dip Dyed
* Hand Made in Italy
* SKU: 7560

About Paolo Shoes Dip Dyed Process

The upper, which is made of Shell Cordovan, is simply vegetable tanned from the tannery (whitened and non-colored). The two hides are stitched together around the edges to a supple kidskin lining forming two outer layers. The leathers are nailed to a wooden last for shape and stitched to a rough leather sole. At this stage the leather is. Pairs are knotted together by their laces and are thrown into a clockwise rotating drum filled with natural tanning liquors; a mixture of tannins and other natural ingredients found in trees, plants, fruits and vegetables. Mineral water is added to dilute the tanning liquor and thousands of small natural triclinic quartz crystals are mixed in to smooth and round coarse leather edges. The porous hide varies from one to another. Some are more absorbent than others, leading to varied depths and tones of bright rich color.

The drum cycle works in 8 hours intervals before each pair of shoes are removed and hung to dry on cedar wooden lasts. These lasts are inserted to maintain shape. Drying time allows the dye to fully permeate the upper, while the cedar wooden last absorbs extra moisture in the kidskin lining and insoles.

The pairs are then removed from their lasts. The cycle repeats itself a total of 4 times over 4 days total giving each shoe a unique, antiqued look while feeling like a supple broken in, well worn shoe.

The final stage of the dip dye process is a rub of specially formulated ph neutral fatty soap, which polishes, nourishes and vitalizes the leather. This ensures a rich, multi-tone color desirable and only preserved in the inherent characteristics of this one of a kind method dip dyed shoemaking.

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