Founded in 1999, PAOLO opened its Hayes Street boutique in the Hayes Valley of San Francisco. Our brand envisioned of bringing timeless yet fashionable styles using the finest leathers that are expertly handcrafted by the artisans in Italy. 

Handmade in Italy 

Italy’s extensive history and passion for leather craftsmanship is well known. We take pride in the art of constructing our footwear and accessories. PAOLO products are not just made in Italy, but truly ‘handmade’ in Italy. Our shoes are hand stitched and hand painted.

Slipping into PAOLO shoes or wearing PAOLO accessories means you appreciate and value the countless hours poured in by the most skilled artisans. By working with small family-owned workshops, we support protection of the rich legacy and the traditional craftsmanship passed on through generations.

Timeless Luxury 

Inspired by the timeless elegance of the longstanding craftsmanship, we aim to bring beautifully handcrafted footwear and accessories that can be enjoyed for a long time. All of our products are designed and created with highest quality in mind. We work with finest materials, from which, products are all handmade by the skillful artisans of family-owned workshops. 

Our Vision

Our whole business model revolves around quality, style and affordability, delivered with the excellent customer service Paolo Shoes has become known for in San Francisco.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to be unique and here is how we achieve it:

We rely on the rich European tradition of manufacturing luxury shoes and the incomparable style from the fashion capital of the world.

Our styles are unique, crafted by hand, exclusively for you.

Quality is precisely controlled at every stage of shoe production.

We work only with specially selected first-class leather and materials safe for health and the environment.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is our satisfied customers, and we make every effort to be impeccable and responsive to their needs. We always do our best to provide quality work and excellent customer service. We select exclusively top quality fine leather goods and entrust manufacturing in expert hands of craftsmen.

  • Handcrafted

    We believe that luxury goods should create value for everyone who’s involved in the manufacturing process. That’s why we chose to work with handcrafted items.

  • Quality

    The use of first class materials and the most traditional workmanship practices, along with our experience and knowledge, allow us to create a high-quality products.

  • Made in Italy

    From Italy's rich history in leather processing to its passion for shoe craftsmanship, Italian shoes are well-known for their handcrafted leather, quality stitching, durability, and stylishness.